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Message From The CEO
Message From The CEO
The company seeks to provide services and modern solutions,to meet your needs with their priorities and their role in vario

History rural water and waste  water

Having safe drinking water and sanitation for every person to enjoy their inalienable rights as the most urgent need this regard,since the moral responsibility for rural water with the ministry of health (health organization)and the beginning of the Islamic revolution,the people of Jahad spontaneously self-help activities 1364,150 households Jihad was given the responsibility 1368 the ministry of construction Jihad was given the responsibility of the same time the office of the provincial health engineering in engineering management health was formed.the formation of rural water and sanitation companies,including article 5 and article 4 in an open session of parliament in 1374 and approved by the guardian council and company statute was approved by the cabinet in 1376.according to article 1 of the law,the company rural water and waste water responsible for the maintenance,operation,development and reconstruction,repair of facilities to supply drinking water for village such as refineries,pipelines,tanks,control systems and disposal sewer requirements the company has a legal personality and financial autonomy and in accordance with regulations governing public companies and the law will be administered.also in line with article 1 and article 2 of the law of the third economic,social and cultural Islamic republic of Iran’s government was required to improve the administrative system,government outsourcing and the elimination of parallel tasks,to adopt the necessary measures,in this regard,a bill to merge the ministries of agriculture and the ministry of agriculture Jihad and approved by parliament in 1379 that the above-mentioned companies were affiliated to the ministry of mentioned in article 2 of the proposed transfer of tasks to be transferred to other ministries and agriculture organization of management and planning with the approval of the cabinet were forecast,therefore,on 1381/04/24 on the based of all duties and powers of the cabinet of ministers resolution no. 18796 / 525638human resources,facilities,and funding arrangements for rural water and waste water companies and the ministry of energy of the ministry of agriculture abstracted and transferred senior management,water and waste water industry downsizing the importance of establishing local management familiar with the problems of the region were recognized and properly implemented also endorsed the authorities and Khorasan provinces,North and South had seceded from each other as well as rural North Khorasan province since the beginning of 1384 within the legal officially launched and now with 7 different countries and office affairs and office in the city of Bojnourd their activities in line with the objectivies of holy Islamic republic of Iran continues.
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